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Adventure of intercountry adoption

30 years today… June 5, 2011

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3 Sources Documenting 30 Years of HIV/AIDS

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It all started on June 5, 1981 when the first cases of AIDS were published in a medical journal. The syndrome did not have a name yet. The term Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome was introduced by the Center for Disease Control in 1982. The virus that causes the syndrome was discovered in 1983 and was named Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The POZ Timeline–Milestone in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic documents these and other milestones over the past 30 years including the end of the HIV travel ban and the first person cured of the disease (both in 2010).


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is featuring a lecture series titled – “HIV/AIDS: 30 Years of Leadership and Lessons”.


The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will mark the 30th anniversary of the emergence of what became known as the HIV and AIDS epidemic with a three-part display and website beginning June 3.

“HIV and AIDS Thirty Years Ago” will look at the public health, scientific and political responses in the early phase (1981-87) of the global pandemic. This showcase will be located in the museum’s “Science in American Life” exhibition, which focuses on the connections among science, culture and society in American history. The display will feature photographs, magazine covers and other graphics plus equipment that Dr. Jay Levy used to isolate the virus in his lab at the University of California, San Francisco, a copy of the Surgeon General’s 1986 report presenting the government’s position, samples of the drugs AZT and Retrovir and public health information pamphlets from AIDS service organizations. The website will be available at

CNN –  30 Years of AIDS Moments to Remember

Taken from Positively Orphaned, thanks Bethany for all you do to advocate for HIV/AIDS

Now you might ask ” Why should this matter to me, I don’t know anyone that is effected with HIV/AIDS.” Well maybe you do and you don’t know it yet. Let me tell you a little secret about our sweet little Violet. She has been given a gift, one without her imput. Our sweet Violet is HIV + and has been since the day that she was born. The virus was given to her by her mother. Why do I feel that it is a gift to our Violet, because without the blessing of HIV we would have never adopted her. She would have either stayed with her birth mother or have been adopted by a family in Ukraine. We would have never been able to make her our daughter or bring her into our family and she might not have been able to hear how much Jesus loves her. So HIV… in our family is a blessing.

Some of you have seen our girl and have followed her the past six months and have seen her grow in so many ways. Violet is VERY healthy and currently has no complications due to the HIV virus. She has what is call a undetectable viral load meaning that the amount of virus in her blood is too low to count. She is on medication twice a day and does a wonderful job taking them. We are not worried or scared by the virus. HIV is not passed by everyday activities in a family. My kids eat off each others plates and drink after each other. Life is as normal as normal can be, and we love it that way.

We went into adoption knowing that we would adopt a child that was HIV +. That is where my heart is. I have learned so much about the virus and what is truth about it compared to what people believe to be true. While we were in court in Ukraine the judge asked the lawyer from the orphanage if Violet would ever be adopted in Ukraine. The lawyer stated matter -a – factly “No, because she is HIV +”. Some stat state that she would have had only 50% chance of living to the age of 9 if she would have not been adopted. Now Violet has the opportunity to live a normal life and become whatever God wants her to be. My heart just can’t help of thinking of all the other kids  in Ukraine like Violet that wont have the opportunity to live a normal live because families wont adopt them due to the HIV virus.

Thanks for following, and hope that this inspires some thought of loving the many children that are orphanage by HIV and AIDS.

Here are a few great sites for information on HIV and HIV adoption.



Time moves so fast… May 4, 2011

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Truth Pandemic March 12, 2011

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Truth Pandemic.


What has been going on. January 3, 2011

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We have been home with our sweet Violetta for 2 months. That seems SO hard to believe. Things are alway exciting with 3 kids under 3 but God is faithful and continues to teach Greg and myself  to excercise love and patience. Violet is doing well. When we left Ukraine we were told that she was non verbal. This morning in her sweet english she asked me ” Up please” so she is learning fast and is VERY able to communicate what she wants or needs.

The boys are doing well with their new sister. They love her and hate her all at the same time!! Its funny when Grady starts to chase Violet, she know that she can’t run fast enough to get away from him so she just lays down and waits for him to sit on her!! What a sweet brother right! But Grady did freak out when another child took Violets Cheerio yesterday at church, so he loves her!

Greg and I can’t believe that its been a year since we started the process of bring our Violetta home. God has been SO faithful over the past year providing what we needed in order to follow Him. We are thankful to Him for how He provided and continually blown away that God used us to bring home Violetta as our daughter. But there also isn’t a day that passes that I don’t think about what we saw and the children that we met in Ukraine and my heart continues to break for them.

Please continue to pray for the children that are still in orphanages waiting for families.

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to.


Enjoying our Girl! October 29, 2010

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We are having a wonderful time hanging out with our baby girl in the city and meeting up with other couples almost done with their adoption also!  Violet is doing great! She is responding well to us. She is sleeping pretty well,  but I am anxious to get her in her own bed because she gets lost in the king size in our apartment. THings are really going well. We are just falling in love with our daughter more and more each day! Greg and I just keep looking at each other with this amazement that we are almost done and we finally have our daughter with us forever! Here are some pictures, enjoy!!

             This is Tom walking with Greg  and Violet. He and his wife have adopted Brice and are  waiting to finish their passport documents in order to go home.


Thanks for following. We are hoping to be home next week sometime as long as our passport documents process smoothly.

As God continues to Lead!


Forever a family!!!! October 27, 2010

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Well its been a crazy few days that just continue into each other due to travel, time change and lack of sleep. But today Violet is on our family forever and will NEVER again have to wonder “what is a mama and papa and why don’t I have one?” Our daughter is currently curled up under a blanket sleeping next to her daddy!!! The first time ever for our sweet little girl. I can not explain the dichotomy of emotions that I felt today. I wanted to scream and dance for joy, but was also crying over the loss that was happening. Right now I can’t explain it all, I need to sleep and process all of what happened today. Here are some pictures of Violet’s first day as a official Summers with her new parents!


 Last day playing at the orphanage!                            Violet was holding cookies that I had brought for all the kids in her groupa!

 This is her traveling outfit!!                            Mommy and daughter leaving the orphanage FOREVER!!!



     Baby girl asleep on her first long car ride!


THanks for following this crazy adventure that GOd has taken us on. I will never regret obeying God’s direction or forget all the memories that I will never be able to put in to words.


Busting out our girl in the morning!!! October 26, 2010

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That’ s right! After 2 years of praying, almost a year of being in the adoption process we are busting out our new daughter tomorrow morning!!! I am beyond excited!! Greg officially signed her birth certificate today stating that we are now her parents!! We did a lot of running ( literally running)  around chasing paperwork, getting to offices before they closed, having documents sealed and checked and so on. Its been a great day, and I can hardly believe that we are almost done!

The best part of the day was when we saw our baby girl after being away for almost two weeks and SHE REMEMBERED US!!!!!!! Praise the Lord for a huge answer to prayer! It was like picking right up where we had left off with her. She came to me when she walked into the room and I just hugged her. It took all the strength that I had to not cry and squeeze our little girl too tight. I just kept thinking I will never be without you again!!! We played, laughed, chased her around the room and just enjoyed our daughter. Sadly while we have been away she unfortunately was a recipient of a horrible hair cut, so I am hoping that her hair grows fast. It also looks like our little girl has a bit of a cold but we will take care of that later.

So tomorrow Greg, Violet and I along with the Lorzen family and Yulia will travel about 1 1/2 hours away to get the passport and then from there take the train back north to the capital. It will be a very busy day and a very scary day for Violet. She will be in a car, traveling out of the only place she has ever known forever, then to a train with strange people. Everything will be new to her so please pray for wisdom for us as we get to know our daughter, and as she is losing the only life that she has ever known.

THanks so the prayers, things have gone well so far and the boys are doing really well. We hope to be coming home early next week. Thanks for following!

As GOD continues to lead!



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